Cristina Scabbia collaborates with SCA!

I love it when I can finally share things that have been going on behind the scenes. This collaboration has been a few months in the making with emails and conversations. Finally we can share it.

Seventh Circle Artworks are now working with Lacuna Coil‘s front-woman Cristina Scabbia!

So exciting!

SCA have issued a press release with details of the collaboration. Cristina is excited to be on board and has already discussed great ideas for her collection; which will be the first SCA release for 2013, and taking on a more feminine style.

Cristina says, “I LOVE skulls but it would have to be something different, definitely not biker style but more classy…with balls!”

We met up with her before Lacuna Coil’s sold out show, in London’s KoKo venue, for her initial photo shoot – the decor and layout was perfect for her style; red & black, velvet and quilted leather. Very decadent.

(view from the desk during sound check)

The ‘Ace of Spades‘ ring is proving a popular design at the moment, as you would have read from my previous post with Pepper Keenan and the Down shoot. Cristina wears it in the above photo, but this one is actually hers (you will also be pleased to hear I have a replacement for my one that Pepper “borrowed” ;)).

SCA expect Cristina’s Colletion to be a great success, along with their previous female collaborations with Nina Kate (top alternative model & clothing designer) and her ‘Jane Doe’ Jewellery Collection and Tairrie B Murphy’s (vocalist from My Ruin) ‘Mi Ruina Por Vida’ rings.

(Alex Palmer – owner of SCA, with Cristina Scabbia)

There are also some other lovely ladies that we will be working with in the future, but that’s for another time ;)

Happy Halloween by the way! I’m off to carve my pumpkin now.