Cristina Scabbia collaborates with SCA!

I love it when I can finally share things that have been going on behind the scenes. This collaboration has been a few months in the making with emails and conversations. Finally we can share it.

Seventh Circle Artworks are now working with Lacuna Coil‘s front-woman Cristina Scabbia!

So exciting!

SCA have issued a press release with details of the collaboration. Cristina is excited to be on board and has already discussed great ideas for her collection; which will be the first SCA release for 2013, and taking on a more feminine style.

Cristina says, “I LOVE skulls but it would have to be something different, definitely not biker style but more classy…with balls!”

We met up with her before Lacuna Coil’s sold out show, in London’s KoKo venue, for her initial photo shoot – the decor and layout was perfect for her style; red & black, velvet and quilted leather. Very decadent.

(view from the desk during sound check)

The ‘Ace of Spades‘ ring is proving a popular design at the moment, as you would have read from my previous post with Pepper Keenan and the Down shoot. Cristina wears it in the above photo, but this one is actually hers (you will also be pleased to hear I have a replacement for my one that Pepper “borrowed” ;)).

SCA expect Cristina’s Colletion to be a great success, along with their previous female collaborations with Nina Kate (top alternative model & clothing designer) and her ‘Jane Doe’ Jewellery Collection and Tairrie B Murphy’s (vocalist from My Ruin) ‘Mi Ruina Por Vida’ rings.

(Alex Palmer – owner of SCA, with Cristina Scabbia)

There are also some other lovely ladies that we will be working with in the future, but that’s for another time ;)

Happy Halloween by the way! I’m off to carve my pumpkin now.


unsigned bands

Nya – Driving the Nails In

Nya recently booked me for a promo shoot surrounding their forthcoming EP ‘Driving the Nails In’, which will be released November 5th.

The inspiration surrounding this shoot was their EP artwork

This was designed by my old friend Steve at CWD Media. Every so often I get a blast from the past – it always happens in this industry :)

Steve and I met when I was first shooting shows at local bars and venues and he fronted a band called Vert.

I instantly clicked with Nesh, Dan, Woody and Joe. The shoot was super fun, and there was also Sammm Agnew working on their hair and makeup. She’s a stellar lady with amazing skills.

To compliment the album artwork the guys had brought along roses and what looked like coffin nails (?!) haha. I found an old skull lying around the photo studio and we all knew what we wanted to do. Sammm put this amazing piece together while I was shooting the full band images in the first section.

This creation featured in singer Anezka’s pictures and also the second half of the band shots

Worked really well didn’t it?

A couple of days ago Nya filmed their music video for single ‘You Are’ at Brixton Prison. I’ve been informed that should also be released alongside the EP on November 5th.

I think it’s safe to say Nya are on a mission… look out!


event photography

Live: Rival Sons in London

I had heard some great things about Rival Sons; that they have been named the next Led Zeppelin. That’s some quite big shoes to fill.

Monday night, they played the Electric Ballroom in Camden. I’ve photographed many bands at this venue in my career so far – from Shinedown to Fear Factory, but this was the first Rock ‘n’ Roll show. A different vibe, and (I think) Sold Out crowd that erupted with applause and cheering as they came on stage and went straight into ‘Keep on Swinging’.

My first impression. WOW.

My second, “Oh yeah, I’m here to take pictures!”

Singer ‎Jay Buchanan‎ looked like a cross between Steven Tyler, Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger – the guy has serious style. His stage presence, enigmatic and his fancy footwork matching his vocal ability.

I was definitely loving his shoes!

I looked around at such a wide range of ages in the audience getting into the music – the kids as if they were literally witnessing rock ‘n’ roll for the first time and lapping it up.

Rival Sons have the complete package, and there’s no ignoring them.

I had also heard Jimmy Page was in attendance…wonder what he thought.

You can view these pictures and more on Rival Sons Official Facebook Page


event photography



From a night of absolute mayhem.

To Liverpool and back to London again in less than 24 hours for Earache Records ‘Thrash Night’ that was filmed for a DVD release. In short (as i can’t even string a sentence together properly) I went with Talita and Louise, many interviews with Evile and Municipal Waste, fan pictures, promo pictures. Then the live show which was SO brutal I just about managed to escape with my camera intact and almost all of my dignity. I had a decapitated pigs head shoved in my face by SSS got soaked in beer and ate a Burger King.

Louise and I were so tired on the way home we listened to Heart 106.2 on the radio or something and sang along to cheesy songs. That didn’t stop Louise from filling up with petrol at the station halfway home with the radio AND the engine on!! That’s how tired we were.

Pictures speak a thousand words. Here we go…