Heaven is a Place for Thrash?

Exhumed founding member, Matt Harvey, is interviewed surrounding the band’s 6th studio album release ‘Necroracy‘ in the latest issue of Terrorizer Magazine (#239). I shot with him for the feature and we had a good old natter.

After a stint of European shows, watching Iron Maiden in Amsterdam, then onto London during the 2 week break – for the feature shoot and some time out, before going back out on the road, Matt was on around 4 days/nights with very little sleep.

Of course he demanded beer before we got started.

He sank 2 of the bastards before I even made a test shot!

3 Things you didn’t know about Matt Harvey:

On tour, Matt states that he’s ‘Vegan’. “It means we get more of a varied, healthy diet” he said. Though when the band received a buy-out, Matt headed to the nearest steak house, salivating, and he got found out! He went on to tell me that he enjoys cooking, especially hot/spicy dishes. Matt suggested the ‘Psycho Nuts’ that I told you guys about the other week, could be used in an Oriental style meal with chicken, rice, ginger… (he then reeled off a very impressive list of herbs and spices), and then add the Ghost Pepper peanuts for a spicy option to replace cashew nuts.

Amazing idea!

When he gets home from tour, Matt’s first and favourite thing to do is to sit on his sofa and catch up with all the TV series’ he’s recorded. Current faves are Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

What does Matt listen to when he chills out after a show? ’80’s Cheese’. In particular he talked about his love for Belinda Carlisle.

Yup, you heard it here first. He’s rather proud of that fact too.

Check out the pics/feature piece in my ‘Press’ section. Buy the mag to read it though!