What if you could have photos with your children that you'd feel happy to frame rather than them never see the light of day? Photos that show character with no forced smiles. And for you to no longer feel invisible?

I'll help you, with these confidence boosting

Mum and Children Sessions

All you'll need is an hour with your children for some excitingly original photos that'll show you how great your everyday is (and they'll love spending the time with you).

No feeling awkward, just you enjoying time with your children

For around 13 years of my life, I didn’t exist. When my eldest daughter was born, I was elated! Documenting each month as she grew; the times she fell asleep in her dinner, favourite bedtime toys, and cuddles with family members – using roll-after-roll of film. I remember all of it, but I wasn’t in the photos with her. With post-baby lack of self confidence, I made excuses – ‘the baby weight’, ‘I look tired’, ‘I’ll ruin the photo’, ‘I’ll take the photo and you can all be in it….’

Those door slamming, ‘I hate you’ teenage years came and she started forming her own identity. I didn’t realise that photos of her life with me would help; providing security along with more loving conversations of ‘do you remember when?’ 

She needed to look at photos of us together. Now, I long to have those photos of us together, but there’s not even a handful.

Do you feel the same?

I help mums feel more comfortable in front of the camera by creating natural, fun photos of you enjoying everyday with your children

Marie sharing her ‘lack of photos' with her children story was relatable, I didn’t have many photos with my girls.
I’m not a fan of traditional family portraits and much prefer something I’d be happy to display on the wall or sideboard, so it’s important to know what kind of images the photographer would create. Marie ticked all the boxes for me, plus she was great with the children. It was wonderful to spend time with my girls - we even discovered a new place to visit.

I was really keen to see the session gallery as some of Marie’s ideas were so original, I couldn’t wait to see how they turned out. The images were stunning, and some I had no idea she had taken! If you’re nervous being in photos, don’t put it off - you never know what tomorrow may bring. Marie is very friendly and I guarantee the experience will be a pleasurable one.
Sarah Bennett
Office & Contracts Manager
Life passes by in a flash, we’re so happy to have the essence of this moment captured.
As a busy working parent, time was a big factor in booking a session - there’s always something that comes up. All you need is an hour with your children and Marie will do the rest; she travelled to our favourite local hang-out spot which was super convenient as it holds special meaning.

I’ve booked Marie before for a session with just the boys and they were really excited to see her again. Her playful nature with young ones helps them relax and trust her, which then helps me relax. I loved this time with my boys - creating something special with them. They enjoy looking through photos, so this experience was important for us and our family for generations to come.
Natasha London
Software Delivery Manager

Choose a location that's special to your family, or have a new adventure

Let’s take your photos from

Deleteable to Displayable

Boring to Brilliant

Very few to Look-at-you!

How it works

The Plan

At the end of our planning chat, you’ll decide where you want to shoot, what style photos you’re after, and what you’ll all wear – along with any other preparations.

I love it when a plan comes together (and you will too). Yes, I’ve totally stolen that line.

Your Session

We’ll spend around half hour together at the location having a cuppa/chat, and play with your children to ease everyone into the session. Then 1 hour taking photos.  

Your Pics

Your private online gallery link will arrive within 7 days, while it’s still fresh in your minds. Make your selections, then your edited images will be with you within 5 working days*. 

This feeling has been compared to Christmas morning.

*VIP Upgrade takes a little longer due to the personalised box.

Just one hour, for a lifetime of memories

Original, natural, and spontaneous photos left me smiling, laughing, and wanting them all!
I have thousands of photos of my toddler, but only a small amount of us together. Little ones are only little for so long and I didn’t want to miss out on anything. Marie’s lifestyle sessions are so much fun, real, and I loved that we could pick the location. She was involved in giving suggestions for a shoot idea that suited our style, right through to shoo-ing ducks who were eating the picnic cake props.

The weather wasn’t great but Marie made it work, even editing the mud out of our clothes. At times I forgot we were having a photo session, and just enjoyed playing with my daughter in the local National Trust park. Best thing is not to worry about the chaos of toddlers or them not co-operating, the pictures will be hilarious. It took 3 days to pick the final images, my husband wasn’t much help as he loved them all. The spontaneous photos are my favourites!
July Cherry
Quality Assurance Manager
Friends have commented how much the pics are so 'us' and the location spot on!
I wanted a cool location for some photos with me and my boys. Marie suggested a London location which I loved so decided to turn it into a mini adventure break with my boys - she also helped with my plans as i’m not too familiar with the area. My youngest is quite shy and both boys get bored easily, I wasn’t worried as I love Marie’s enthusiasm and the fact she works quickly while making it fun.

When the gallery link arrived, I was like a child opening a Christmas present! And we sat and chose the photos together. Having a photo session has made me feel really good, I felt listened to and the photos truly captured us. I’m certain I’ll do this again.
Eleanor Darcy
Police Officer

Spruce up your home with new photos where everyone stops to take a look

  • Pre-Session ideas & planning (email)
  • 30 Mins 'hello' on arrival (complimentary)
  • 1 hour shooting time
  • Personal online viewing gallery
  • 10 edited full resolution images
  • Your final images via download link
  • Plus images resized for online sharing
  • A new friend (free)


VIP Upgrade
  • Pre-Session ideas & planning (email)
  • 30 Mins 'hello' on arrival (complimentary)
  • 2 hours shooting time
  • Personal online viewing gallery
  • Engraved Wooden Presentation Box
  • 20 edited full resolution images
  • Your final images on a Personalised Wooden USB
  • 10 Prints at size 7x5"
  • Plus images resized for online sharing
  • A new friend (free)


Book a Call (10 min) to check availability for your Mum & Children Session, or if you need any help with questions not answered in the FAQ's.

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hopefully that means we’ll get to meet, so you’ll wanna know what I look like. 

I’m Marie – on the far right, struggling to hold my youngest. If you listen closely, you’ll hear me saying ‘hurry up and take the photo!’ through that teethy-smile. My eldest is on the left. Looking at her it’s like a younger, taller, me.

We’re on the beach, sweltering like true Brits who go crazy for those 2 days of real ‘summer’. The sea spray from passing hovercraft is so refreshing, and we’re content with the taste of barbecue in our mouths (teeth checked for black bits). Tunes of happiness and laughter fill the warm air. For me, it’s a perfect day.

What’s a perfect day for you with your children? How about we make it into a photo session?

"Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories"
Genie, Aladdin
*Session fee doesn't include travel or location hire/entry fees. Quoted separately.
Areas covered - London & South East

London, Surrey, East Sussex, Tunbridge Wells