A Decade of Stories. Part 4. Iced Earth – What Shoot?

2013 got me excited. It saw a few features printed of my work, including a first cover (of Napalm Death). But behind many features, there’s usually a stress of some sort, so seeing the final product print helps me appreciate all the work everyone puts in.   Stu and Jon from Iced Earth arrived at Tez HQ for their interview. BUT they didn’t realise it was a photo session too. Dressed for UK winter, no photo brief, no change of clothes, and….no hairbrush (metal band essential)   Those next seconds (felt like minutes) Awkward   Jon threw his arms in the air “ahhh let’s just get it done” and walked over to the black backdrop I’d set up. “Whaddya need us to do?”   I was impressed.   The awkwardness gave way for hilarious conversation about other interviews they’d had where things didn’t work out as planned. They’d done some crazy shit.   One story sticks in my mind; A journalist went to their hotel room and the Iced Earth guys decided the interview would be conducted while bouncing on the beds, not a single answer was serious.   I looked around, slightly relieved the room we were shooting in […]

A Decade of Stories. Part 3. The power of the Ring compels me.

“Let’s see that one” Pepper said, eyeing up my hands in a Sméagol-like way. In 2012, I’d been shooting a few campaigns for Rock n Roll jewellery company Seventh Circle Artworks (SCA). We joined forces and set up some killer collabs with artists. This spade ring was a gifted to me at the start. DOWN were booked in for a shoot, and Alex from SCA arrived with a velvet drawstring bag full of enough pendants and chunky rings to get Mr T. excited. Pepper was watching the others (minus Phil who was glued to the Saints game) adorn themselves ready for some pics, but it seemed nothing was catching his eye. Then, the one chunky solid silver spade ring I was wearing called to him. “The ace of spades, the ace of spades” he growled in his best Lemmy. Clearly he wanted to wear mine for the photos, though, my hands are considerably smaller than Pepper’s. He took the ring anyway and shoved it on his little finger. “That’ll do me!” We shot the pics. Jimmy, Kirk and Pat handed back the jewellery. Pepper was facing the other way. “Can I have my ring back now, dude?” I said holding […]

A Decade of Stories. Part 2. Godsized on Tour with Black Label Society

“Your husband isn’t coming home, Cos we’re eloping”   Not what I expected to hear on the phone. It was 2011, and I was over 5 months pregnant with my 2nd (at the ‘I can feel my stomach in my chest stage’ stage).   I hadn’t seen Glen for a few weeks, but was super excited as the tour he’d gone on with Black Label Society was in the UK and I’d get to see him at the London show. To top it off, I’d not been in the photo pit for months – I felt lost and disconnected from the industry.   For London, special photo permission had been given. I dusted off the camera and headed into London (with my plus 1 on board).   Zakk was soundchecking when I arrived. He sat at the baby grand, singing ‘Darkest Days’. A rare moment that even his tour manager made a video. Today, I share a snippet of mine with you. The show was amazing, then Glen and I said our goodbyes. He was heading all round Europe for another month of touring. We’d set a time in the day schedule (mostly after the show) to face time/phone chat. […]

A Decade of Stories: Part 1. An afternoon with Guthrie Govan & Alex Hutchings

This secret has been kept for 10 years between 4 people, and I honestly didn’t know if they’d let me share it with you. Replies of ‘Yes! It’s a good un’ and ‘I’ve never seen Guthrie laugh so much’ makes this the first of ten stories to celebrate the past decade of my photography career.   So what’s the story?!    In 2010, Rotosound ran a bunch of adverts in magazines for their endorsees, and I had the honour of working with both guitar heroes Guthrie Govan and Alex Hutchings in the same session. Location and tour schedules meant we had to find a studio that worked. Rotosound gave a simple brief to shoot them with guitars against a plain white backdrop – I asked the studio to set up what we needed before arrival.   Intro’s were made, and Alex had a great idea of grabbing an amp out his car for them to jam for a few pics to get warmed up. Guthrie was on board. Not all artists like a photoshoot but it’s a necessary evil for promo. So I’m snapping away and Alex kept looking out the corner of his eye.   He stopped playing.   […]