A Decade of Stories. Part 6. I F*cked Up.

Looking at this photo, I’m constantly reminded of the time I fucked up. I’d been booked by a magazine to shoot a 2 day festival they were sponsoring in the Kent countryside. They assigned me the Country & Blues stage.   First day of the festival turned very wet. So wet, that the printed stage times sheet going in and out of my pocket became soggy, ripped, and the ink smudged. I took 5 mins to reorganise myself, enter the stage times on my phone using a scheduler app complete with alarms that would sound in the pocket of my raincoat. Winner.   A closer look at the times meant later in the day there’d be enough time for me to jump in the main stage pit and snap some of those bands too (I like making the most of shooting festivals).   I also decided traipsing back and forth with my camera through the mud was great for my step count, but unnecessary; especially as the Country stage was furthest from the press tent. Staying at my assigned stage and downloading all the images later would be a good move.   Evening came and the skies cleared. Hooray! Ponchos […]