Crowborough Doorstep Portraits - 18 June 2020

“What you looking at, face-ache?”

My dad loves a wind up. He was refering to my bored face while he watched Grandstand. Honestly, that program felt like a lifetime in a child’s Saturday afternoon.

Fast forward to evening shows like A-Team, MacGyver or Alf.

These past few weeks, I’ve had a different kind of face-ache. From smiling.

Visiting 18 doorsteps in 18 days, running socially distanced portrait sessions for residents in Crowborough. Creating happy memories for families in Lockdown, and donating 75% of the total to the local Foodbank.

Foodbanks didn’t exist in the 80’s. A few years before that afternoon of yawning sport watching on our comfy floral sofa, my family was in need of help with living essentials.

There wasn’t any help.

Just the crushing advice from a Council worker to ‘drink tea as it stops you feeling hungry’.

My dad, even with his bright sense of humour, was reduced to tears.

Today, news reports have been filled with crisis. My mind went back to that time of need in my family. This time, there was a way of helping.

With Government restrictions causing a hold on businesses (my usual music and family event bookings), I spoke to locals and announced just over 2 weeks’ of low cost portrait slots – all snapped up.

Families ordered more images, making the donation total much greater that I could imagine.

A super £525 for Crowborough Foodbank!

It’s been an action packed time – I met Spiderman, wastched a daring stunt, went through 2 packets of dog treats, ice cream, many laughs (esp. the one with the itchy bottom), excited children, and relieved parents to have 20 mins of conversation with someone other than the postman.

Best of all, many of the families hadn’t had a photo taken all together before.

I love it when a plan comes together.

*Check out some images and imagine the A-Team theme*

Marie x