Arch Enemy – Terrorizer World Exclusive!

As I write this (21/04/2014), I’m sitting in a cab on my way back from the airport having done a round trip from South London to Germany in 21 hours.



My working day had started at 1am on Bank Holiday Monday, probably when most of you (in the UK) were just thinking about heading to bed. The sunrise was beautiful.

My flight left Luton at 7am.

I arrived in Dortmund, Germany and greeted by Jens from Century Media (CM), We drove around in an attempt to find some breakfast. In Germany, they treat a Bank Holiday like a holiday, and therefore nothing was open – except for the bakers in the train station and a couple of shops.

I had never been to Dortmund, so Jens told me about the City as we drove to CM HQ, I was like a sponge taking everything in.

There are many signposts in Germany!

Dortmund is a lot like Coventry here in the UK, quite industrial in some parts. It also has very beautiful parts – this is the view from the CM building roof.

It’s always a worry whether the luggage gets thrown around or damaged on the journey, so I tested the all the equipment while setting up. Thankfully, the bubble wrap and blankets used in my suitcase worked a treat.

Jens prepared the torch flame – which looked really cool.

Soooo what was I doing in Germany?!

Terrorizer booked me to shoot the cover feature for the June issue! Arch Enemy issued their press release in March about Angela Gossow stepping down after 10 years of fronting the band, and former singer of The Agonist – Alissa White-Gluz – would be filling her shoes. Angela would still maintain the management side of the band. Angela hasn’t shot for any other magazine surrounding her stepping down as front-woman of Arch Enemy, only Terrorizer. I was extremely honoured to be booked for this world exclusive.

Back to the shoot…

Alissa arrived first and I like her immediately – straight up, and bubbly character. Wide eyed and full of get-up-and-go. Alissa likes to create her own outfits, reworking scraps and pulling apart previous creations to make new ones.

Angela arrives slightly later, as she was spending time at her parents house for Easter – family is very important to her. We talked about when we last worked together – at the UK festival Bloodstock around 7 years ago. So much has changed since then for us.

The forthcoming Arch Enemy album ‘War Eternal‘ (out June 9th in Europe on Century Media) is played on loop while we do the shoot – it sounds immense! Alissa is super proud of the album and can’t wait for the release –  she has a serious fire in her belly!

Angela and Alissa have a great relationship. Watching them together when they talk, there is a great amount of respect, and I can see Angela is extremely proud to pass the torch to Alissa. Their shots together rocked!

Afterward, we grabbed some well deserved lunch. Jens took us to a vegan shop that was open (both Angela and Alissa are vegan), where everything – even the wraps – were freshly made on site. I had a tofu salad wrap with spicy sauce, along with a ginger orange fizzy drink. To be honest, I could’ve inhaled a juicy steak, but this was pretty tasty and I love trying new things.

The food definitely helped me to wake up a little bit.

Jens dropped Alissa and Angela off and then took me back to the airport.

I checked in and on going through security, got taken to a room with my camera bag! Obviously a little confused, they explained to me in patchy English they were looking for TNT.

“TNT?! Like dynamite?!” I said as I tried not to laugh.

Of course the test came back fine, (they actually had to do 2 tests to make sure!) and thankfully I was at the airport early enough that I didn’t miss my flight.

Annoyingly on both trips I didn’t get a window seat. I love looking out of the plane. Even worse, the person that did get the window seat had their eyes closed on the whole trip!!!

How could you not look at a view like this?

I leant over them loads of times to take pictures out of the window, in the hope they might get fed up and give me their seat.

A celebratory Jack Daniel’s and Diet Coke on the plane finished the day off nicely. It was a long, fun, tiring, exciting…. did I say tiring? day.

And I would do it all over again.

Here’s the cover (flame retouch by the great Steve Newman – art editor at Terrorizer).


There’s also a 5 page Feature inside. Grab Terrorizer to read it now!!


About the Author:
Marie Korner is an internationally published photographer, with over 14 years experience. She specialises in heavy rock music photography - providing bands with promos who want to take their music to labels and management. Magazines hire her for live and editorial images.

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