Epica in London

Last month, Epica came to London to do press for their album ‘The Quantum Enigma‘ – which is due for release on May 2nd.

I was booked to shoot for their Terrorizer interview. The setting? To go to one of London’s tourist hotspots and shoot Simone and Mark in a political style. Definitely something that you wouldn’t normally see in any of their other pictures!

Parliament Square was the location of choice – as you can imagine – it was very very busy. Being there with my camera equipment could have also been quite tricky, but it ended up going very well and I was pleased with the results. It was very very cold that day (unlike the sunshine and light winds that the forecasters predicted).

This image didn’t make the feature, so I can share it with you – one of my favourites.


Simone and Mark hadn’t seen Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament before, so they really enjoyed walking around the shoot location too.

We found a phone box and did a few fun pictures that you will also see in the Magazine.

Simone found the classic London red phone box, and we laughed as it reminded us of one of our photoshoots back in 2010, where Simone posed against a Coca-Cola vending machine.



We were about to wrap up the shoot when a fan spotted them from a passing bus and came to say ‘hello’. Turns out this fan, had ordered one of my Dolls ‘n’ Divas Calendars! It was quite funny how random meetings happen like that.


Want to know what Simone and Mark talked about in their Interview? Grab the current issue of Terrorizer and find out!


About the Author:
Marie Korner is an internationally published photographer, with over 14 years experience. She specialises in heavy rock music photography - providing bands with promos who want to take their music to labels and management. Magazines hire her for live and editorial images.

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