Published Update – USA, UK, RUSSIA!

What a crazy busy time recently! I have so much to share with you all – Birthdays, Photo Shoots, Download Festival, and Golden Gods. But first, a little update on some published work.

After my shoot with Phil Demmel in Brighton, Jasckon USA got in touch to use one of my shots for their new brochure!

USA – Phil Demmel in Jackson Supplemental Brochure pg 2

Remember my shoot with L Sol Tace in the stormy weather back in July last year? Their album was released with Terrorizer Magazine last month, and is getting rave reviews.

L Sol Tace ‘Carcass of Eternity’ Album Sleeve Photography

The beardtastic Godsized appeared in Powerplay Magazine with a review of their debut album ‘Time’

Powerplay Magazine, Issue 153, pg 46

Mordecai centerfold album sleeve for ‘Undaunted’, Promotional Flyer, and Advert in Metal Hammer July Issue 121 pg 245

We shot these images at the Catacombs, South Norwood, when I was 7 months pregnant. It was freezing below ground, we were told not to touch the open coffins as they would be carrying the smallpox virus and various other diseases. Was an absoloutely fascinating location and beautifully ornate. The guide also told us that Britains Most Haunted had booked to shoot down there and chase ghosts. Neeless to say that we wrapped that shoot up in record time ;)

Meshuggah & Devin Townsend in Terrorizer Magazine Issue #273 pg 73

I have been SO excited to share my Townsend/Meshuggah pics with you all, so this week I will dedicate a blog post and share some more images from their live set.

RUSSIARival Sons in Classic Rock Russia Issue 116 pg 6

My FIRST piece of published work in Russia! I will have to get the article translated, it’s about Rival Sons playing St Pancras Station, London in April.

Back tomorrow!!


About the Author:
Marie Korner is an internationally published photographer, with over 14 years experience. She specialises in heavy rock music photography - providing bands with promos who want to take their music to labels and management. Magazines hire her for live and editorial images.

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