Phil Demmel – ‘It’s In My Blood’ Guitar Clinic Tour

Around 60 lucky people got holed up for a few hours with Machine Head‘s guitarist – Phil Demmel – at the GAK store in Brighton; to talk gear, influences, and hear him play through some tracks.

Before everyone arrived, I had a quick promo shoot with Phil – above is a teaser.

Chris Cannella – the product specialist for Jackson (and Vocalist/Guitarist for the band Autumn’s End) gave a great introduction into the history of Jackson as a brand and the longest running custom guitar shop in the world, which was really engaging even if you didn’t know too much about guitars. His upbeat American attitude made everyone in the room feel involved from the get -go and shouting ‘FUCK YEAH!’ at any given opportunity.

Which was a lot!

Phil took to the stage and explained the workings of his own custom guitar, along with some humorous stories about his journey so far – with early beginnings listening to AC/DC, Ted Nugent and KISS, to starting out on the guitar with Randy Rhoads as a major influence. Then being involved in the Bay Area thrash scene, as guitarist in band Vio-Lence, through to joining Machine Head.

He played through all 9 minutes of ‘Wolves’, which was the last song written for album ‘The Blackening’ – describing it as a ‘riff soup’, before he took some questions from the floor.

People made videos, head banged, shouted and sang along, just the same as they would at a live show.

Phil also played ‘Asthetics of Hate’ after telling his story of meeting Dimebag Darrell just months before he was gunned down on stage performing with Damageplan. The song written after a ‘fan letter’ was received about Dime.

Then there were questions. Some ridiculously funny, a couple about gear, and ideal band lineups with musicians – dead or living.

Chris and Phil then played through a track together to close

Afterwards, Phil signed memorabilia, spoke to each and every person some more and had pictures taken.

An extremely personable event, and it didn’t cost anyone that attended a penny!

You can view the whole clinic on the GAK YouTube page.

My great friend Fiaz also came along and took some pictures of the event, and my shoot with Phil. Thanks Fiaz!


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