From Snakebite to Stoneghost

South London riff-machine Snakebite decided upon a name change (partly due to a Whitesnake tribute band of the same name) and booked me for a batch of new pictures. I jumped at the chance.

Having seen these guys before and knowing frontman Jason for a few years, they are the most energetic and fun guys to be around. This of course had to come across in the promo pictures too…

..cue beard stroke from guitarist Andrew

The first set of promos were shot at sunset in February. It was freezing, Jason had cut his hand on a wayward tree-hanging crate, we ran through a graveyard, a very boggy field and we were against the clock.

The guys totally rocked it though


This picture was literally as the sun hit the horizon and it created the most awesome flare. I love it when things like that happen and nature is on your side.

I know, I know, we were talking about energy being portrayed in the shoot weren’t we. Well the 2nd shoot had lots of that! I can honestly tell you I haven’t laughed so much in a shoot either. We all laughed in fact.

They actually had a fight during the photo shoot. A first for me, and I have to say that it wasn’t even on my ‘wish list of photoshoot ideas’, but I’m happy I did it!

There are more pictures, so these are just a couple of teasers. You can view more of them on their Official Facebook Page. It’s a new page so go ahead and become a fan.

Here’s a teaser trailer of their forthcoming album ‘New Age of Old Ways‘, produced by the legendary Russ Russell.

They also have the best band bio I’ve read in a long time. Nothing generic about this band at all!


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