Hello Colour!

My friend Laura is in town!

She’s over from Los Angeles and we always make a point of hanging out and doing a shoot together.

The above picture was our last hang out/shoot. I was 8 months pregnant and we rocked a shoot in my home with a failing smoke machine.

Like this :)

This time, Laura wanted to update her portfolio, and I also wanted to shoot with her for a piece of advertising – you will see that very soon.

My work at the moment seem to be inspired by the weather and the colours that it brings.

The sun has made an appearance here in the UK, and that’s fine by me. It means I can have an excuse to get a little girly with my photos, which happens not so often with the genre that I work in.

Hello colour!!

As always, Laura is super fun to shoot with. She is one of the few people that can work it with a keytar, like she does in her 80’s band glam punk rock band ‘Ankh’ out in LA. If that’s not enough, she’s an endorsee of Roland. Laura told me of her ultimate ambition involving Steel Panther. I will let you know when it happens!

On another note, I haven’t blogged much recently, I have lots of projects and shoots I’m working on, but can’t as yet share the details with you all as yet. Please bear with me.

Finally, this happened today

Weeee!!!! Nearly walking!

I took this picture on my Instagram account.


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