ESO – Lights, Camera, Action!

Photography leads me on such varied assignments and it’s brilliant. My last post was on a Vintage Lingerie launch and the day before that I was in a cold, dark, abandoned warehouse in Hackney, shooting stills for ESO‘s up and coming music video. Both days excited me equally and in different ways.

Along with shooting promos and stills, I got to watch and learn from Tim Fox – Motion Designer, Director and Illustrator, whose client list varies from Lady Gaga and Ms Dynamite to Skindred and Alice Cooper. What a treat!

I arrived when they were on the last couple of full live band takes and got straight to work

People don’t always realise the work that goes into music videos, and how many takes of the same thing – over and over again. To still keep a performance “fresh” as if it was the first time I would imagine is really difficult. They were so energetic on every take! It’s no wonder that shortly after, they took a break for lunch having been hard at work since 8:30am, and we had a look around for some cool spots to do pictures with what light was there.

Tobi liked the look of this area, as did I, so we gathered the others for the pics.

Bari found a hole and they all wondered where it lead to. There were many funny moments like this – I love it when people have a sense of fun as well as getting the job done.

Tim and his crew discuss the next part of the shooting. I think it all got a bit too much for the guys (and Laura), so they decided to tie Tobi up.

In the story part of the filming, Tim checks the lighting. This setting reminded me so much of the Saw movies mixed a little with Fight Club. Very dramatic. Actor Hugo was incredible. He’s pictured on the right hiding behind a banana skin. He deserved that banana after being tied up, screaming and shouting, being attached to and pulling on a large rope for well over an hour, maybe two!

– A sneaky peek of Hugo in action on the video camera screen. I don’t want to ruin it for you, so that’s all you’re getting!

Oh ok, and maybe one of the promo images, taken in that section with the funny ceiling hole ;)

But that’s your lot until around June I’ve been told. I will be sure let you know on the release details, also keep your eyes open on the music channels for it too.

Here’s one of their other videos featuring live footage from their European Tour with Marilyn Manson to keep you going until then


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