14th December 2011 – Sex Wax & Rock ‘n’ Roll

A little perturbed by the title of my post? Fear not, I will explain.

I shot Godsized at their final show of 2011 and the debut show with their new drummer – Dan.

Arriving at The Borderline, London (after resisting the awesome Crobar next door for a sneaky drink) Eye for an Eye were just wrapping up their set.

The guys were in good spirits in the dressing room

I went to say hey to Dan and introduce myself. He’s a complete dude, and has the coolest story to tell about James Hetfield that I’ve ever heard.

It then got a bit manic backstage and it was time to get ready. They all have their own ways to prepare for a show.

Even guys take care of their hair y’know!

Glen – “Dude, that’s the most amount of drumsticks i’ve ever seen! aaand what’s that you’ve got there?”

Dan – “Sex Wax. I rub it on my drumsticks”

I’m sure there was a reason why, but I can’t remember. So if you know, enlighten me please!

Dan continues to rub his drum sticks with the Sex Wax and Glen drinks a lot of water. Don’t be fooled, these guys can drink a venue dry, but when it comes to Glen looking after his voice and them keeping hydrated, they drink a lot of water. Except Neil maybe. I can’t say I’ve seen him drink much water at all!

Super Nige makes sure they all have water on stage. He’s not called Super Nige for nothing! Nigel is generally helping with shifting gear, helping backstage and is a great laugh and fun to be around.

Almost time for stage. Rich, longtime friend and guitarist from DogState pops in to say a quick hi and have a drink.

A big mass of busyness, then all is quiet for Dan to warm up on his practice pads before stage.

Show time!!

You can check out the show pics here


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