Every time Machine Head are in London we always hang out. Today I had a shoot with Phil for Ed Stone Rockwear. I went earlier in the day after they had sound checked to see them all. Last week I had quite a bad fall and bruised my fibula bone – thankfully it wasn’t broken. Hobbling with my camera gear I wasn’t going to miss seeing the guys!

Phil had some press interviews with Jackson guitars just before his shoot with me so I had plenty of time to set up. I spotted a small figure of Rocky Balboa resting on his guitar rack which sparked a debate as to which of the movies was the best. I personally love Rocky IV, but Phil’s favourite is Rocky. We had a picture together including Rocky to commemorate, both clearly doing impressions of Stallone.

He then wore a couple of new Ed Stone designs and I got him to pose with his Randy Rhoads guitar as it’s one of my favourites that he plays.

I went to catch up with Dave in the dressing room after I had packed down. He was loading the new Ratt and Rob Zombie CD’s onto his laptop and we talked about random stuff as always including his nice artwork on the steps to his drum riser.

He said that gets him siked for the show. Robb walks in with a white tray with marker pen scrawled over it, looking very pleased with himself as he had just written the set list for the show that night.

A lot of the Machine Head regulars (Frontliners) like to meet up before the show and catch up, so we went for drinks at the bar – Machine Head fans are incredibly loyal to each other and it was so nice to see many people. Robb somehow snuck past the queues of people outside the sold out show at Brixton to come over to the bar and have his photo with the fans. A really nice touch I thought.

The show was immense as always. This time I focussed on getting some shots of Adam as the others I had killer shots from all their other shows. By the end of the night my leg was slightly sore from all the standing and walking around, but it was worth it. I wouldn’t have missed catching up with the guys, that’s for damn sure!!

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Marie Korner is an internationally published photographer, with over a decade of experience. She has an insatiable love for collecting skulls & vintage items. A wife, mother of two, and occasional foul mouth in a pint-sized package.

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