A double-whammy booking I had for Ed Stone Rockwear with Mike Portnoy AND Mikael Alerfeldt at their Wembley show.

I had worked with Mikael before, but not Mike, and I’ve always liked him when watching behind the scenes footage on Dream Theater DVD’s.

Arriving at Wembley I was to meet the Tour Manager in the underground parking lot and be taken to where the shoot is. I was hoping for a really cool area to do the shoot as usually I have to make so with a pokey dressing room corner or a paint peeling corridor. At Wembley they should have some nice areas for pics.

There was a photo shoot actually going on with Big Elf, Opeth and Dream Theater in the parking lot when I got there, I thought maybe this is where it will end up being. Press had over run, photo shoots had overrun too so I was in for a wait.

Plenty of time to find a section to do the shoot in with the Tour Manager Steve. I ended up setting my gear up in front of the rolling doors. They had these large plastic curtains – like the kind you would find in a meat locker or something. I quite liked it as it looked industrial yet theatrical at the same time. Perfect for the shoot. It’s nice when things work out like that.

About an hour later Mike and Mikael came down for the shoot. Very down to earth guys; full of conversation and confident in their poses. You would expect that from their experience.

After the shoot they both said thank you to me and they hoped I enjoy the show. Steve the tour manager had meanwhile sorted me with a stage pass for Opeth’s set and some catering for my long wait. It was freezing in the parking lot so soup was seriously appealing!

There was a really cool moment during the show where during Dream Theater’s set, Mike called the drummers up from all the bands on the bill that night where they all jammed.

Shortly after the shoot I found out that Dream Theater had filmed a portion of my photo shoot for their music video ‘Wither’ (at 2mins 15secs)

What an incredible honour, I had no idea it was being filmed! The part they filmed was one of my favourite pictures from the shoot where Mike wanted to kick his foot at the camera. It didn’t quite work the first time and he almost fell over. So he asked Mikael to hold him up for the 2nd shot (that’s why Mikael is laughing)

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