Last time I was at Bloodstock was in 2007 and it was an absolute blast so I was excited to be going again this year. Working for Devolution & Terrorizer Magazine and also Ed Stone Rockwear…

I travelled up with Godsized – due to open 2nd stage – the Sophie Lancaster Stage on the Friday evening. Arriving slightly later into the Friday due to a Steak pit stop – if you have to know anything about Godsized they really love their Steak!

Finally arriving at the venue, it’s an absolute nightmare to find where to go. We end up camping with the caterers behind the 2nd stage tent. Thinking a 1:30am curfew on that stage would be totally fine for us and karaoke can’t be that bad. WRONG! hahaha. We heard System of a Down and Guns and Roses being absolutely murdered!

I started work by photographing the Godsized boys on the 2nd stage and did a little filming for them too. The tent was full and it was such a good start to the festival. Backstage I found this random sign where the bands kit is supposed to go. I did wonder whether it was a failed piece of artwork meant for the festival goers on their way in…Hmmm.

As soon as Godsized played their last note I had to run across the field with my suitcase holding my studio lights to do a promo shoot with Swedish band Katationa for Terrorizer Magazine and then also for Ed Stone Rockwear. They were good fun to work with and easy to photograph. Look out for the Promo pictures soon! I also managed to get a couple of pictures for Devolution Magazine too. Nickie gave me the latest issue with my feature/interview on my current pin up project. I showed the guys in Katatonia the feature and they were totally into the whole idea. They asked for some Playing Cards for when they’re on tour, which was awesome. We did a silly picture at the end of the shoot – something I always like to do with people I work with.

The rest of the day involved taking pictures of Interviews for Godsized and photographing Pythia on 2nd stage. The evening we hit the fairground rides. Seb – the drummer from Mantra was drum teching for Effon and they went on the scary catapult ride.

I woke sore all over on the Saturday from camping. Typically English I love my tea in the mornings and went on the hunt for the Tea shop and bought a burger for breakfast. I felt vaguely human again.

More photographing of interviews, a Terrorizer ‘bar rant’ with Wolf and my Editor Louise. Drinking Pimms and talking about Metal. Pictures available when the magazine comes out…

Photographed: Internal Conflict, Sanctorum, Inner Eden and Solsikk. 

The festival was relatively dry with just a few showers. There wasn’t really any mud – only in the backstage area where the main stage artists are, how ironic! I found a weird van with Bloodstock 2010 emblazoned all over it. A bit early huh?

Being in the press area at festivals usually involves lots of waiting around. Thankfully there’s plenty to entertain you. Cheaper booze than the festival punters – I’m a Jack Daniels girl but Bulleit Bourbon was slightly cheaper and just as nice. So that was me sorted for the occasional drinkie in between shoots. There were also many people walking around dressed up. I got grossed out by some guys walking around in Borat mankinis. But found the Star Wars people quite fun and very small. So much so I had to get Godsized to kneel down so they weren’t towering over the Storm Troopers etc.. in the photo. haha. We also had fun with the bumper cars.

There was a small Jagermeister stage in between all the other stages and stalls. Some of the bands who played 2nd stage were approached to play an acoustic version of their songs. Godsized played a really awesome set to about 200 people who just stopped and watched as the sun set. It was super cool.

Just before packing up to go home, I had a shoot with Evile. We went on the Ghost Train and some rides for the photos. It was the most silliest and fun shoot I’ve ever done. I won’t put the pictures up until Terrorizer Mag comes out. We did have a picture taken together earlier by Talita (thank you Talita). Gill was in the picture also and just before that was taken he was telling the funniest story about being a kid and dancing in his mums mirror to Bon Jovi while wearing her pixie boots. Gill needs to be a stand up comedian and have his own show. Seriously he was too funny.

In all I had a FAB time networking, seeing some new bands, meeting new people. I hated the camping. But it was worth it. All live and promo pictures will be up once the magazines and companies have published them.

About the Author:
Marie Korner is an internationally published photographer, with over a decade of experience. She has an insatiable love for collecting skulls & vintage items. A wife, mother of two, and occasional foul mouth in a pint-sized package.

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