I was majorly excited about this show, and the first time I shot at the O2 Arena.

Everything was a major rush as the transport to the O2 had issues as the tubes were closed, so it was replacement bus services and the ferry if you booked in time. I managed to make it to the venue with moments to spare before Machine Head took the stage. Annoyingly the venue wasn’t full at the sold out show for their set because I think everyone else had the same problems getting there.
My pass was slapped on me by the Production Manager and off I went into the pit. A little unsure of where I was allowed to go as the stage was literally in the middle of the venue like a circle with the sound desk to one side. A lot of gesturing and nodding went on while taking pictures and running around. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Once I finished shooting the 3 songs I didn’t see where everyone got escorted to, so I checked with security that I would be able to watch the rest of the set from inside the pit as long as I didn’t take more pictures. They were cool with that, so I sat on one of the barrier benches. The sound and show was phenomenal. What an achievement for Machine Head!

When they finished on stage they all came past me and gave sweaty hugs and said “hey” on their way to the dressing room. Dave said he would come out in a bit to see me.

Just as Metallica took the stage Dave came out with a beer and watched some of the set with me, then escorted me backstage to the dressing room for a drinky and chat with the crew. I get on really well with Mud – Dave’s drum tech. We talked about motorbikes, drinking and life for a bit, and then decided to take some random pictures.

I met Fiaz at a couple of shows – he was taken on as their Official Tour photographer. Adam I think got a bit left out with all the photography talk so he decided to steal Fiaz’s camera and take it upon himself to play photographer for a bit.

We found Dave was a natural in front of the camera and he considers a modelling career over the drums ;)

Everyone was in very high spirits and pleased with the show. It turns out that it was also Joseph – Machine Head manager’s birthday. They had a running theme on the tour to make cock shaped birthday cakes. I guess that’s what happens when a bunch of guys have been away from home too long. Usually you will find various scrawling of cocks drawn backstage at venues, in tour buses, on set lists, wherever! I don’t understand it personally, but it was quite hilarious.

Especially as the cake was decorated with the 100’s and 1000’s on the balls and everything!

It was sad to say “bye” to the guys, and annoying as I had to embark on my journey home. I thought to get a cab, but i think everyone else had the same idea so the queue wasn’t going anywhere for at least a few hours. Replacement bus and rail all the way home it was then.
The Machine Head boys – looking like they’re loving it!

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Marie Korner is an internationally published photographer, with over a decade of experience. She has an insatiable love for collecting skulls & vintage items. A wife, mother of two, and occasional foul mouth in a pint-sized package.

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