The Monday after the weekend before.

I’m feeling a little under the weather as everything has caught up with me. 2 shows with Machine Head and a fistful of memories.

Saturday I went along and met up with The Frontliners and some of the Machine Head crew. I didn’t’ have a ticket or pass but we managed to buy a spare that someone had and I watched from the highest point of Brixton Academy. As I was rocking out I spotted someone at the corner of my eye that was really familiar.

After the show I went backstage to say hi to Machine Head who heard I was at the venue. They invited me to the after show at Sin club. Machine Head would meet us there and we would catch the tube. As we are walking along the oh-so familiar face walking with us was the guy that was standing beside me with his wife. It was Colin Richardson – best known for recording many Machine Head albums, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold and more.
We get chatting and he told me stories of being out in LA with Machine Head and dodging bullets on the way to the recording studio for the album Burn my Eyes. Awesome stories, scary stories.

Arriving at Sin everyone but me had a pass to get them to the top floor where the after show was. I didn’t have a pass but Colin went in and said “she’s with us” and they let me through. We went in and there were Dragonforce and Trivium already into the throws of partying to Guns ‘n’ Roses.

The Machine Head guys walk in – hugs all round. Dave was there with his wife and mother in law who were so lovely to me and invited me to stay with them anytime I liked. Very sweet indeed. We partied until the early hours and I was invited back to the hotel to continue but declined as I needed to head home, sleep and get my camera ready for the show the next day and shooting for Terrorizer Magazine.

Sunday I arrived at the venue with a big bag;. The very first pro band photo shoot from back in June was with Machine Head in Belgium and I had a poster made up. I asked the guys the night before if it was ok for them to sign it for me for my birthday present (which is in a few days time). I popped the bag in the dressing room and went to the pit to start shooting.

Here’s a teaser of one of the Machine Head shots I’ve sent into Terrorizer. Along with Shadows Fall, Dragon Force, Trivium and Arch Enemy.

The show was breathtaking, probably the best Machine Head live show I have seen.
Afterwards we all meet up backstage in the dressing room, drinks are passed around and Phil takes charge of the stereo. Bon Jovi plays for the rest of the night. The guys sign my poster for me which was totally awesome and probably the best birthday present I have ever had.

Everyone gets extremely merry, I meet the editor of Top Gear magazine who introduces me to his friend. This friend (i can’t remember his name right now) had never been to a show in his life and it was his first. He enjoyed himself SO much that he was wasted and while talking to me proceeded to head butt me as he was falling asleep mid-sentence. Bon Jovi then took control and the guy decided to jump up and start break dancing on the beer soaked floor, kicking his shoes off and giving us much entertainment.

(Above 3 pictures with thanks to Henning)

A sing a long also took place where I filled in the holes to the lyrics when they got stuck – The albums ‘Dry County’ and ‘7800 Fahrenheit’ were my specialities. We sang the night away.

Past the venue curfew and we all got thrown out. Machine Head went back to the tour bus and onto the next venue. The rest of us tried to find our way home with what little of the transport system was working so early into Monday morning.

I ended up at a train station waiting 2 hours with my friend shivering in the stairwell. Going through my pictures on the camera and recounting the evening to keep us going.

Home at gone 5am. Cup of tea and toast (my post gig ritual) and then some serious shut eye.

About the Author:
Marie Korner is an internationally published photographer, with over a decade of experience. She has an insatiable love for collecting skulls & vintage items. A wife, mother of two, and occasional foul mouth in a pint-sized package.

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