Jun 24

Peppa Celebrations

For Jessica-Leigh’s 3rd Birthday, Glen and I decided to surprise her with a trip to Peppa Pig World.

One of her favourite chill-out things to do is watch youtube videos on the iPad (I have no idea how she knew such things existed) of children/people playing with and reviewing toys (disneycollector is a favourite) and also filming their visits to Peppa Pig World.

It was only right that we take her on her own trip there!

She was seriously excited when we pulled up at the sign to tell her where we were, especially after a very long drive.

I don’t quite know if she knew what to do first!

Glen with Jessica in the hot air balloon ride (cue ridicule from his band mates!)

Unfortunately, Jessica was a little unwell and really struggled through the day – so we didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted.

The following day, for her actual birthday we went to see her grandma and grandad for cake, and a lot of gifts!

She was spoilt with 2 cakes this year. An elf and fairy cake made by grandma, and my very first attempt at properly icing a cake that is Gaston the ladybird from one of her favourite TV programs Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

Jessica woke the day after her birthday finding it very difficult to breathe. We ended up going to hospital in an ambulance Sunday morning and she went on a nebulizer, apparently due to a nasty virus that left her very congested.

She still managed to smile though, in her new birthday Spongebob pjs!

She’s growing up! FAST!


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