Apr 17

London Life – Part 1 – Colours of Borough Market

I’ve lived in and around London all my life, and am still yet to discover all the treasures and see all the sights. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook that which is right under your nose, rather than stop to appreciate it, having the mentality of ‘oh I’ll get round to it one day’.
Guilty as charged.
Though, I’m hoping to change this, and share with you how I see London – mainly from a photographic point of view, after all I’m not a tour guide, nor am I fantastic at writing essays.
So, enough waffling!
Borough Market kindly gave me permission to photograph and share with you all the wonderous foods from around the world. It’s situated underneath and around London Bridge Rail Station, where hundreds of commuters pass through every day – rushing to and from work. I wonder how many of them have visited the market?
It’s the oldest Fruit and Veg Market in London, with a fantastic array of colours, tastes and smells (if only you could scratch-and-sniff the pictures to get an idea!), I’ve narrowed down my hundreds of images to a small selection of what you will see when you visit the Market

For the first time, I tried Sea Salt Fudge from Whirld, the Organic cereal by Mini Magoo, A burger from Veggie Table (now I love my meat but this burger was amazing!), and took home a salad box, along with a pot of Italian poponcini peppers from The Fresh Olive Company – they were hot!

The traders are extremely friendly, offering small tasters as you pass by. They also have a Demonstation Kitchen where you can learn from some top chefs from around the world that trade within the Market.

It’s only when you hear the trains roll into the station overhead that you realise where you are. Otherwise, it’s like being transported to a totally different and unique place.

It’s such a wonderful atmosphere and I guarantee, that you will go home having tried something for the first time in your life.

If you’ve been before, tell me your favourite finds!



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