Aug 12

London Life – Part 2 – Changing of the Guard

Almost everyday, something quite spectacular happens in London at Buckingham Palace.

Having always wondered about the English tradition of the ‘Changing of the Guard’, I didn’t realise until I went, just what it was all about. My first attempt failed miserably, I couldn’t see anything, there were literally thousands and thousands of people congregated; not just outside Buckingham Palace, but all the way down the Mall. It was ridiculous!

I went away, determined not to be defeated, and did a little research on how the whole Ceremony works.

After a few visits (as there is SO much to see from many different places), I’m happy to share some pictures of this daily event in London.
Experiencing this great spectacle has made me super-proud to be English.

How the Queen has her post delivered 😉


The bands play in the Palace courtyard for about 15 minutes during the Ceremony. The times I went, they played some of the music from movies Star Wars and Grease.


The best places to stand for a good view are opposite the Palace gate (the most sought after place, so get there an hour before it’s due to start), and facing the Palace itself by the railings, so you can see the Guard change and the band play.


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