London Life – Part 2 – Changing of the Guard

Almost everyday, something quite spectacular happens in London at Buckingham Palace. Having always wondered about the English tradition of the ‘Changing of the Guard’, I didn’t realise until I went, just what it was all about. My first attempt failed miserably, I couldn’t see anything, there were literally thousands and thousands of people congregated; not just outside Buckingham Palace, but all the way down the Mall. It was ridiculous! I went away, determined not to be defeated, and did a little research on how the whole Ceremony works. After a few visits (as there is SO much to see from many different places), I’m happy to share some pictures of this daily event in London. Experiencing this great spectacle has made me super-proud to be English. How the Queen has her post delivered 😉           The bands play in the Palace courtyard for about 15 minutes during the Ceremony. The times I went, they played some of the music from movies Star Wars and Grease.      The best places to stand for a good view are opposite the Palace gate (the most sought after place, so get there an hour before it’s due to start), and facing the Palace itself […]

My 8 Festival Must-Haves

I’m off to work at Sonisphere festival this weekend! Camping. Ugh. That word conjures up feelings of excitement and dread. Mainly it’s the showers and toilets for me. Y’know, when you are just about to go to sleep, and got warm in your sleeping bag. Then…damn! I need the loo! Also the showers. You only allow your nearest and dearest to see you looking like that first thing in the morning, let alone queuing for half hour. Fuck that. Oh, and the idea of how many different ways you can wear the same underwear in order to keep your packing to a minimum. Guys, please tell me it’s just you lot that do that. I’m no Bear Grylls, but I have mastered a way to make festivals work for me. Well at least I’m hoping. Bearing in mind I’m actually taking my camera gear as I will be working (this is actually taking up over half of my suitcase) there isn’t much room for a wardrobe full of clothes, lots of makeup and toiletries. Especially when making room for the obligatory bottle of Jack Daniels. I have however, had a few ideas. Maybe they’ve been done before, I don’t know: […]

London Life – Part 1 – Colours of Borough Market

I’ve lived in and around London all my life, and am still yet to discover all the treasures and see all the sights. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook that which is right under your nose, rather than stop to appreciate it, having the mentality of ‘oh I’ll get round to it one day’. Guilty as charged. Though, I’m hoping to change this, and share with you how I see London – mainly from a photographic point of view, after all I’m not a tour guide, nor am I fantastic at writing essays. So, enough waffling! Borough Market kindly gave me permission to photograph and share with you all the wonderous foods from around the world. It’s situated underneath and around London Bridge Rail Station, where hundreds of commuters pass through every day – rushing to and from work. I wonder how many of them have visited the market? It’s the oldest Fruit and Veg Market in London, with a fantastic array of colours, tastes and smells (if only you could scratch-and-sniff the pictures to get an idea!), I’ve narrowed down my hundreds of images to a small selection of what you will see when you visit the Market For the […]

Peppa Celebrations

For Jessica-Leigh’s 3rd Birthday, Glen and I decided to surprise her with a trip to Peppa Pig World. One of her favourite chill-out things to do is watch youtube videos on the iPad (I have no idea how she knew such things existed) of children/people playing with and reviewing toys (disneycollector is a favourite) and also filming their visits to Peppa Pig World. It was only right that we take her on her own trip there! She was seriously excited when we pulled up at the sign to tell her where we were, especially after a very long drive. I don’t quite know if she knew what to do first! Glen with Jessica in the hot air balloon ride (cue ridicule from his band mates!) Unfortunately, Jessica was a little unwell and really struggled through the day – so we didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted. The following day, for her actual birthday we went to see her grandma and grandad for cake, and a lot of gifts! She was spoilt with 2 cakes this year. An elf and fairy cake made by grandma, and my very first attempt at properly icing a cake that is Gaston the […]